Our featured Quick and Easy to prepare dishes and specialties:


Delicious, Quick And Easy To Make Turkey Stuffing

 stove top turkey stuffing quick and easy

Stuffing in a Turkey like Noono does it!


How To Make Quick And Easy Pickled Beets


Nanna`s good friend Tony M`s Delicious Pickled Beets!


Nonno`S Quick And Easy, Tasty Pasta With Shrimp (Pasta Con Gamberi)

Nonno Shrimp Pasta
Quick and Easy Shrimp Pasta


Nonno’s Favorite Cheesecake – Made With Oreo Cookies it is Quick And Easy to Make – So Sweet & So, So Delicious

nonnos quick and easy oreo cheesecake
Nonnos delicious Oreo Cheesecake!


Nonno’s Favorite Delicious, Quick & Easy To Make Banana Loaf

Quick and Easy Delicious banana loaf
Nonnos Favorite Banana Loaf!


Nonno Knows How To Make Quick & Easy Tasty Pasta Con Carne (Nonno’s Meat Pasta )

Nonno knows pasta con carne
Nonnos Pasta Con Carne (Meat Pasta made Quick and Easy!


Nonno Knows Quick And Easy Green Bean Salad – Calabrese Style Insalata Di Fagioli

tasty green bean salad
Nonnos Quick and Easy to make Green Bean Salad!


Nonno Knows How To Can Tomatoes Quickly And Easily!

canning tomatoes made easy
Quick and Easy canned Tomatoes!


Nonno Knows Tomato Salad (Nonno`S Quick And Easy Insalata Di Pomodoro)

Nonno`s Insalata di pomodoroo
Nonno`s Delicious and Quick and Easy Tomato Salad!


Pasta Al Burro, Calabrese-Style (Nonno`S Southern Italian Version Of Mac And Cheese).

Italian cheese pasta
Nonno Knows Quick and Easy Pasta al Burro!


Nonno’s Yummy Pasta Con Tonno (Nonno’s Pasta With Tuna)

Nonnos Quick and Easy Pasta with Tuna
Nonnos Delicious, Quick and Easy Pasta with Tuna, Pasta Con Tonno!


Nonno’s Simple, Quick And Easy Spinach Potato “Frittata”

Spinach and Potato Frittata
Nonnos Quick and Easy Spinach and Potato Frittata!


Nonno’s Quick and Easy Pasta Carbonara recipe for two.


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