Welcome to Nonno Knows Best

Nonno Knows is in its very humble beginnings………. Nonno Knows pledges to be a practical, simple advice based blog brought to you by Claudio and his Team.  Nonno Knows endeavors to gather and dish out practical and simple advice. First and foremost on  Food aiming for Healthy, Quick and Easy recipes whenever possible.  A little warning,   We really, really do Love our Food!

We also care about our Environment, Making Money Online and Great Travel Products and Services.

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Pasta Carbonara

Carbonara means “in the manner of coal miners,” I am not sure of the actual origin of Pasta Carbonara.   Food is sometimes named based on its’ appearance.  It is possible that the name originated from the flecks of black pepper that appear to look like coal dust against the pasta, creamy eggs and cheese.   I have heard others say that it may be that it was originally served in a Roman restaurant called  Carbonara.    Nevertheless, it is a tasty, quick and easy dish to prepare.

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Frittat nonno knows

Nonno’s Spinach Potato Frittata – a very simple, flexible & versatile meal component.

Nonno’s recipe keeps it simple using Potatoes, Onion, Spinach and Parmesan Cheese and is quick and easy to prepare.

If you so desire, you can mix it up using other cheeses.  You could also add meat – whether it is ham, prosciutto, bacon,  chorizo. or your favorite meat choice.  You can also add other vegetables (peppers, mushrooms are good) – just saute those in at the very beginning.


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tasty green bean salad

Nonno Knows how to make a simple, quick, easy and delicious Green Bean Salad.

Nonno likes to add this Insalata di Fagioli after a meal with chicken or steak and veggies or to almost any of Nanna’s pasta dishes.

Green beans are all around us. Great if you have them in your garden, if you don’t, no sweat, they are readily available at your local farmer’s markets or even our local grocers.  Green Beans are relatively

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Join WA for free

Welcome to Nonno’s Wealthy Affiliate Invitation to join FREE!

In 2017 there are over 3 BILLION people (almost half the world’s population) online searching for information and solutions and purchasing over $2 trillion in products and services online to get what they need or to get help to solve a problem.

That number continues to grow with estimates that retail eCommerce sales, (including products and services ordered via the internet over any device) will reach $4 trillion by the year 2020.

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Every day, all over the world, people are buying the things that they need and that they desire.  The shopping list includes items for entertainment, travel, accommodations, furniture, clothes, health, beauty, fitness goods, medications, and the list goes on.  Pretty much people are buying everything that can be purchased, heck you can even buy a star.

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What is Affiliate Marketing

Online merchants are aggressively competing to get people to promote their products online to gain an online advantage over their competition. Their Affiliate Programs are a way for them to achieve a leading position.  This competition is driving affiliate marketing programs to improve.  As we move forward this creates not only increased opportunities for Affiliate Marketers but the actions are certainly going to be beneficial for Affiliate Marketers, bloggers and website owners.

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