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Nonno knows was just born and is in its’ very humble beginnings……….

What is behind this Nonno Knows Best?

I was blessed in being born and raised by two very humble southern Italian immigrant parents. Life was hard when I was young (certainly not as hard as it was for my parents) but North America saw to it that with faith, some hard work, focus, and determination it got a whole lot better as I grew up.

My upbringing had a way of ingraining passion for a lot of different things.  Part of it I’m sure is that Italians are a fiery breed and family and food are at the center of almost everything that we do.

The advice, recipes, and rules of a good life have been handed down from one generation to the next for years.  The elders passed down the secrets of living a good life and of good food.  They worked passionately to keep the family together and feed as they experienced each day.  Most of these are simple secrets that were passed on by their fathers, grandfathers, mothers, and grandmothers using available and most authentic ingredients for life and food from the regions that they lived. I am grateful that my parents carried on these traditions and we will strive to carry the traditions on.

nonno and Francis sept 2017

Big Nonno (my dad) with his youngest great-grandchild, Francis (Big Nonno Knows babies too!)

My dad (we call him big Nonno) was a very practical man who made a great life for our family after immigrating from the poor south of Italy.  He and my mom (we called her big Nanna, unfortunately, she passed away in 2004) were always there to support their family and of course to dish out valuable advice on almost any subject in the Universe.  Dad carries on this noble tradition to the whole family to this day.  I have to admit, even if we don’t want the advice.  The advice was,  and is, always very practical, simple and of course valuable.

One of my favorite tidbits is from my mom, she yelled as we left the house, “Whatever you do, wherever you are,  it doesn’t matter whether you are going out to socialize with friends, with family, going to work, off to school, attending church, to the movies, remember, always leave a good smell and don’t leave a stink”.

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Why have a Nonno Knows Best?

Nonno knows pledges to carry on my parent’s tradition with practical/simple advice in a blog brought to you by me and my  Team.

To begin, Nonno Knows endeavors to gather and dish out advice,  practical/simple, tips and ideas on Food, Environment, Making Money Online,  Travel Products, and Services.

Focus Areas

Our focus is on gathering and sharing information that is practical/simple, tips and ideas that we hope will help improve our lives and the lives of those that we love.

Please join us as we help each other share and enjoy life-based on practical and simple tidbits. We would love to here from you.

Leave a comment or feel free to email us at nonnoknows@nonnoknowsbest.com

Oh, I almost forgot, for those of you who don’t know, Nonno is the Italian name for Grandpa and everyone knows that Nonno knows.  Nanna is the Italian name for Grandma.  Everything Nonno Knows, Nanna knows too!

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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