Nanna`s stuffed Pizza

Nonno`s version of true Italian Sicilian Pizza (Siracusa style)

Nonno loves pizza! One of Nonno`s favorites is Nanna`s version of the Sicilian Pizza famous in the province of Siracusa, Italy. Forget the stuffed pizza here in North America, this is how to really stuff a pizza that is tasty and relatively easy to make.


What you need to make Nonno`s favorite Sicilian Pizza like Nonno likes it:

(1) 12“ pizza pan

A rolling pin

A pastry brush

3 tablespoons of Virgin Olive Oil

Optional (Pam Original Cooking Spray)

An oven, preheated to 325 F

A Pizza slicer

All-purpose flour (Nanna prefers the unbleached Robin Hood or 5 Roses

(2) 250 grams of whole wheat dough – One fro the bottom of the pizza, the other for the top. (You make your own or pick it up premade at your local bakery (Dipietro’s in Cambridge, ON makes great whole wheat and regular dough).

(1) Jar of Pesto – (You can make your own (Nanna sometimes uses the 218 ml jar of Classico Basil Pesto di Genova)

4 to 6 thin slices of the mild Procuitto Cotto, you can also use Rosemary Ham, cut into 1“ square pieces

4 to 6 slices of Proscuitto Salami cut into 1`square pieces (Nanna uses their homemade)

4 to 6 slices of Calabrese salami (hot or mild, whatever you prefer) cut into 1`square pieces (Nanna uses their homemade)
4 to 6 slices of mild provolone cheese sliced thin then cut into 1`square pieces

How to assemble the Italian Sicilian Pizza like Nanna does it:

Using the pastry brush, lightly coat the 12`Pizza pan so the Pizza won`t stick while cooking (alternatively, spray the pan with Pam Original cooking spray)

Lightly sprinkle enough All Purpose flour on a clean counter, so that you can roll out and work the dough

Spread one of the 250-gram bags of dough on top of the flour and roll it with a rolling pin until thin. Repeat for the top (Nanna prefers very thin for both the top and the bottom so that the Pizza is not too doughy.
Place the dough you have rolled out for the bottom into the Pizza Pan.

Using the pastry brush, spread a thin coat of the virgin olive oil.

Spread the Pesto on the bottom pizza dough

Spread out all of the meats you cut up and then top with the cut up provolone cheese on the bottom pizza dough, making sure to overlap.

Gently spread the second whole wheat dough you prepared and cover the whole bottom.

Wet your fingers and pinch the top and the bottom together.
Using the pastry brush, lightly baste the top of the pizza with Virgin Olive Oil

Take a fork and pierce through the top of the dough to make holes (don`t be shy, do holes every couple of inches all over the top or the pizza

Place the Pizza in the preheated oven and bake for 35 to 40 minutes

Check after 25 minutes to see if the top of the Pizza is golden brown – remove when it is.

Carefully slice the pizza when you pull it hot out of the oven

Serve, and Enjoy!

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