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Nonno Knows is in its very humble beginnings………. Nonno Knows pledges to be a practical, simple advice based blog brought to you by Claudio and his Team.  Nonno Knows endeavors to gather and dish out practical and simple advice. First and foremost on  Food aiming for Healthy, Quick and Easy recipes whenever possible.  A little warning,   We really, really do Love our Food!

We also care about our Environment, Making Money Online and Great Travel Products and Services.

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healthy tasty garden salad the way nonno makes it

No meal is really complete without a tasty and healthy salad.  A good fresh salad provides the health benefits of fresh vegetables and Nonno’s favorite has a splash of fruit.

Nonno makes variations of this very easy to make, tasty and delicious garden salad quite often, but, the original is a staple salad for Nanna and Nonno`s weekly family Pasta Sundays. There never seems to be any left over.

You can add take away or even additional ingredients to it if you choose. It is great with your favorite cheese, sliced carrots, walnuts, cranberries etc.   The options are endless.

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