brussels sprouts with peanuts and chestnuts

In my opinion, Brussels sprouts have a bad rap that is unwarranted.

Brussels sprouts are a great green vegetable – An ideal source of protein with a single serving delivering the daily vitamin C and vitamin K requirement.
They are a cruciferous vegetable which provides a rich variety of nutrients and are only a few calories.  Some other vegetables in this group are cauliflower, cabbage, garden cress, bok choy, and broccoli.  Brussels Sprouts are a very versatile vegetable that can be tasty when combined with the right things. Brussels sprouts can be cooked, steamed, boiled and even fried. (of course, Italians fry everything).
Nonno thinks they are best when they are cooked with other ingredients.  Nonno`s favorite Brussels Sprout dish is boiled and then fried in virgin olive oil, with pancetta, peanuts, and chestnuts.
(This tasty vegetable dish takes only about 20 minutes to prepare).

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